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We had a revealing experience in our latest timber clad extension, for clients in the West End. They had previously spoken to a ‘one stop shop’ design and build company to provide them with the full package – ie. design, approvals and construction. Using the specific windows of said company of course. By chance we had the opportunity to take a look at the project ourselves, and bring our own design expertise, construction knowledge and local builder contacts to the table.

We came up with a fresh proposal, of the same floor area as the previous scheme, and got one of our local and highly regarded contractor contacts to put a budget cost against it. The client quickly came to realise that despite having to add on architects’ fees and approval costs, this approach represented better value for money. It also incorporated the considered approach and design flair that working with an experienced architect brings.

Nine months on and with construction complete the clients are delighted with their bespoke contemporary addition to their existing granite property. We asked them if they would mind doing a quick cost comparison of the two schemes, and were amazed to find out that like for like, the ‘bespoke’ option came in at a massive 17% more cost effective. And to top it off, this included using top of the range Scandinavian windows!

It just goes to show that the design and construction expertise that an architect brings can both save money and result in a better end product.

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