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Completed a few years ago, this stunning house is a good example of how an initial brief for a house alteration and extension can sometimes evolve into something else completely.

Our client came to us with the intention of modernising and extending their traditional house on Westholme Avenue. A short way into the project, it became apparent that the costs involved in the refurbishment of this traditional dwelling would be disproportionate to its likely increase in value. Further cost analysis demonstrated that a more economical way to fulfil the client’s requirements would be to totally demolish and rebuild the existing house, with the savings on VAT alone (being zero-rated on new builds) having a significant impact on the costs. With this approach the new dwelling would also benefit from an improved technical specification throughout (thermal insulation would be vastly improved) and, in conjunction with our client’s desire to employ some of the latest renewable technologies, would result in it exceeding the basic requirements of the 2011 building regulations.

Local renewable technology specialists Paragon Systems were appointed to drill boreholes in the garden and install a ground source heat pump to serve the new underfloor heating system. This unusual activity was certainly a talking point amongst the neighbouring householders! The dwelling scored a solid ‘B’ rating for its Environmental Impact (CO2 emissions) and came just short of the same ‘B’ rating for energy efficiency. Material from the original dwelling was reused wherever possible.

The house was required to fit seamlessly back into its streetscape, so each granite block from the old house was numbered prior to demolition, enabling its correct placement in the new house, exactly as before.The creation of a complete replacement house from the outside gave our client the opportunity to fashion the interior and layout to satisfy their exact requirements.

The finishes are sleek and modern and the open plan living area to the rear is flooded with natural light from the beautiful large feature windows and sliding doors.

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