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We are pleased to announce that three of our projects have been included in the Doors Open Day 2016!

The inclusion of buildings in the Doors Open Day list is based on the following criteria :

1 - That the building / event be of significance/ interest in either architectural, design, heritage, ancestry or community aspects.

2 - Building / event is not regularly available for the general public to access FREE, or has an additional aspect for the festival duration only.

3- Access to the building / event will be FREE of charge to Doors Open Days visitors during the festival.

The Institute of Medical Sciences, Aberdeen University

DMA's design was the competition winning design through the green approach to design which maximised natural ventilation and high daylight levels. This project also won the Aberdeen Civic Society (2003). A guided tour is provided at the Doors Open Day.


DMA was commissioned to carry out internal refurbishment to this historical building. The refurbishment includes formation of feature suites, which is a unique experience on its own and deservingly won the Gold Medal Award for Best Hotel Bedroom Design (2007 ).

As Carmelite is at the approximate area of the medieval Carmelite Friary, there is the opportunity to learn about some of the exciting excavations from archaeologist Ali Cameron on Doors Open Day.Carmelite is also offering lunch deals in conjunction with Doors Open Day.

Sheriff's Court

The Sheriff's Court is also a internal refurbishment project which saw the beautiful Grade A listed building upgraded internally to better suit the modern day court room. This project was also awarded the Aberdeen Civic Award (2005).

For full list of buildings included in the Doors Open Day, please visit :

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