CDM Regulations - the health and safety regulations for construction projects

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, also known as the CDM Regulations, set out to manage all health and safety aspects of construction projects. The essential point to note is that each party to the construction project has a clearly defined role under these Regulations. For the purposes of this brief outline the main roles are as follows: + Client + Principal Designer + Principal Contractor The aim of this article is to provide some brief guidance on how CDM 2015 applies to Clients and how we, as Architects, play a key role in managing health and safety in construction projects. A Client's Role and Responsibilities Domestic Client A 'domestic client' is defined as on

Housing Challenge and Opportunity

Some thoughts from an interesting morning at the 'Liveable City' - housing seminar in Glasgow last week which was organised by the Royal Danish Embassy and partners, in conjunction with the Festival of Architecture 2016. Housing Challenge We often hear reference to not just a housing challenge, but an actual crisis! There are many aspects to this including the following, which came up at the seminar and we hear time and again:- Affordable housing. The challenge of gaining access to a good standard of affordable housing is a major problem for tens of thousands of people of all age groups. Poor quality of construction. Despite ever more demanding Building Standards the quality of much new

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