Why early cost analysis is so important

In any project, aspirations and budget can often be miles apart and the reality generally sits somewhere in between. To ensure smooth progress, it is vital to get to that reality sooner rather than later and that means analysis of the project cost at the earliest possible opportunity. In reality, this means that once the brief has been explored and the initial sketch designs have been produced, it is time to get that first cost health check. This generally takes the form of a budget cost exercise, carried out by a Quantity Surveyor (QS), which is a short report which gives an indication of the overall likely construction cost, based on the sketch designs. In our experience, when we have t

To extend or start again?

Completed a few years ago, this stunning house is a good example of how an initial brief for a house alteration and extension can sometimes evolve into something else completely. Our client came to us with the intention of modernising and extending their traditional house on Westholme Avenue. A short way into the project, it became apparent that the costs involved in the refurbishment of this traditional dwelling would be disproportionate to its likely increase in value. Further cost analysis demonstrated that a more economical way to fulfil the client’s requirements would be to totally demolish and rebuild the existing house, with the savings on VAT alone (being zero-rated on new builds) ha

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