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Newburgh Village Hall has served the community well over its 130 year existence, but in the last few years had been showing increasing signs of tiredness and disrepair.  A refurbishment was well overdue to address the issues of accessibility, energy efficiency, comfort and functionality. 


The project was carried out in 2 consecutive phases – phase 1 concentrated on making the hall more physically accessible by reinstating the original front door and installing a new access ramp, as well as improving the toilet facilities. It also included a new heating system to the main and small halls.  This was followed by a second phase which was centred upon reducing the carbon footprint of the hall - insulating the building fabric, new LED lighting and upgrading the windows.  All the external surfaces of the building have now had insulation added where there was none before using materials that were selected specifically for their sustainable properties.  



The complete refurbishment of the hall helps to safeguard its future as a much more functional, inviting, comfortable, flexible and energy efficient hub for the community. With this approach the village hall is hoped to become an exemplar for adaptation of historic community buildings, to meet present needs and to contend with climate change.

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