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Completed in 2014, our proposed design solution for this detached traditional granite villa on Kingshill Terrace sought to add ground floor living and dining space whilst improving the layout of the existing ground floor accommodation.


The modular extension is finished in a horizontal timber cladding with exposed joints/fixings and shadow gaps to break the monotony.  This gives a natural and rustic feel to the contemporary design.  A sense of balance and proportion was vital to achieve fluidity throughout the house.  The floor to ceiling height of the extension is consistent with the existing house.

Good natural light helps to maximise the perceived volume of a room.  Here the south facing window is large and predominant, allowing light to flood into the living space and creating a visual link with the garden. The smaller north facing window provides additional light while offering a different perspective on the garden. The generous roof lights further ensure the space is bright and pleasing. Sliding doors create an unobstructed opening, ensuring a seamless relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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